Tuesday, 24 August 2010

breakfast club

The most important meal of the day... that was what I was thinking about when I went grocery shopping just now. I have had the same thing for breakfast for maybe 3 years now - except week-ends - and I tend to get a bit grumpy if I don't have the standard items at home. But now I feel it's time for a change. For something new and delicious to look forward to when I fall asleep. Any ideas? Anyone? A recipe for good home-made müsli maybe? The best smörgås ever?
This is what I ended up with today...
On to a completely different topic: Today I bought something from another girl with a blog, and I really look forward to this thing finding its way to my mailbox. I'll keep you in suspense so far, but I will definitely tell you about it when I get it. I sometimes prefer buying things on-line and get it delivered to my home because 1: You never really know when it will show up so it's  exciting every time I check the mail, and 2: I always try to forget what I have ordered so it will come as a surprise - like a gift!

Oh - I have heard that the comment function does not seem to work. I have made some changes in the settings so hopefully it will now. Please try again!


  1. Healthy: Oatmeal with banana and pecans.

    Medium: Vanilla yoghurt with raspberries and blueberries and a fistful of rice crispies.

    Unhealthy: French toast with raspberry jam.

  2. oooh, sounds good! and the possibility to chose between healthy and unhealthy is always nice :)