Monday, 23 August 2010

I did it my self

Last week end I planned  a couple of projects in the apartment for this week. I have not had time to do as much as I planned - I've had so many other fun things on my schedule, but this weekend I've been a bit more productive. I have not started on the big project - a make-over on the sofa table - but a few small DIY's have been done. The idea for the first one I stole from a link at IKEA-hacker, a blog that really inspires me. It is a toothbrush-holder-turned-jewellery-stand-DIY, that clever girl Maja have come up with, based on the IKEA toothbrush stand Lillholmen. It was a while since I first saw it, but it's not until now that I completed my own jewellery-stand. It's not as professionally done as Maja's -I simply used a nail and hammer to produce the small holes, she used a drill. I am however satisfied with the - slightly crocked - result. I am all for storage that gives better overview and organisation of small things.

Just buy a toothbrush-holder and make holes for the ear-rings!
The second DIY for the week-end is a very easy one - I just painted an old clock I found on Fretex. Fretex is the equivalent to the Swedish "Myrornas" - the second hand stores of the salvation army. I go there quite often to see what I can find -  clothes, fabric or just nice things to re-make or keep as they are. I liked the shape of this clock - the colour not so much. After a coat of paint I think it will fit nicely in my living room. I might ad some embellishments later on, but for now I'm happy with it the way it looks.
to begin with...
making progress...
on the wall!

We'll see when I get around to do the rest of the projects I have planned. I have some good ones in mind.


  1. SÅ snyggt att måla den svart!

  2. Tack! är rätt nöjd själv faktiskt. :)