Monday, 16 August 2010

monday should be the best day of the week

Last week I decided that a goal for this autumn is to try to make something special and nice out of every Monday. To make a good start of every new week. More of the positive thinking!  Last week was quiz-Monday so that one was easy. Today I went to a spinning class for an hour after work. That might not sound as a very special and nice thing to do, but then you have not considered that an hours work-out entitles you to self pampering with home spa treatments and banana-milkshake and peanut-butter sandwiches for dinner. See? And before I hear you say something - nuts are considered a very good source of healthy fat and I said banana-milshake, there was a whole fruit in it! And only just a little bit of honey.

On the same topic - here is the music video of today, a re-make of an old favourite that never gets tired, here in the lego version. OK Go - Here it goes again.

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