Monday, 9 August 2010

Nine to five! Or rather eight to four...

Today I've had my first day at the office after my vacation. It was nice as usual, but during the day I came up with a small list of things that I decided could make life at work even nicer if I had them. So after work I did a little shopping and treated myself with a new binder, a fancy mouse-pad, a big notebook, a red pen and a small toilet-bag to keep necessary items such as lip balm and chewing gum in. It is really the little things that makes life easier and more fun. OK, so sometimes it is the big things, but one should not underestimate the small stuff. Like a toilet-bag with flowers on or a city-themed mouse-pad.

Oh,  I just realised that today is the one-year-celebration of me living in Norway! Hooray! To celebrate that I'll give you a Norwegian word that I saw today and really liked: "Vifte" means fan (fläkt) and I know that now since I saw a very pretty yellow fan in a window when I was shopping. Vifte sounds so much lighter and nicer than the Swedish equivalent, don't you think?

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