Saturday, 21 August 2010


In Norway the 20th is the day you get paid, so yesterday I spent an hour or so after work shopping before helping T move into her new apartment. This was only some spontaneous shopping, but I actually found quite a lot. I think I am most happy with a white blouse with a lovely collar that I found on second-hand shop Fretex. Unfortunatelly there are not many good vintage stores here in Stavanger, or I have just not found them. There are not really any good flea-markets either - very sad. It does not seem to be a culture for sedond-hand clothes here, I don't know. I guess that is one of the things I miss with Göteborg.
Black top with long sleeves - H&M, White second-hand blouse - Fretex, Pink top with white dots - VILA, Black oversized cardigan - Monki.
Well, I guess I should not do any more clothes-shopping this month. We'll see. I am pretty sure the black cardigan will be a favourite this fall. If it wasn't 25 degrees in the apartment now, I'd put it on right away.

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