Sunday, 5 September 2010

another weekend

after work on Friday I put my pink shoes on and went in to town to have a traditional "Friday-burger" in the sunshine. I ended up not having a burger, but a beer instead, time was short and we needed to catch a bus...

...and continue on  to T's house-warming party. She had painted some of her new walls in a happy yellow.

After some very nice talk, food and drink we ended up dancing at Alf & Werner.

Yesterday was a good day as well but very unplanned, so I did not bring my camera. We started with a Club-sandwich brunch at Déja Vú were we met some friends. Some of them was going kayaking in Stokkavatnet and we decided to tag along. Due to some bad time management - again - we did not reach the kayak-place in time, so we ended up just going for a walk a long the lake. Very pretty. After an extremely tasty ice-cream (cherry and white chocolate with forest fruit for me) me and A went home. We saw the last episode of Dexter season 3 and A a splendid seafood pasta sauce.

Today I've been lazy... But I have installed the new shelf I found at IKEA's bargain corner on Tuesday. It fitted in nicely, and finally I could get some of the stuff away from the actual desk.

I still have a big inclination for black and white fabrics. I have made some efforts to add some more colour into the apartment, on of these I'll show sometimes soon.

Tonight we'll probably go to the "kino" = the cinema. I'm not sure what we'll see yet, but it will just be nice to get out. I'll return with a review later on!

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  1. That chair sure looked familiar :)
    I think that's the only pic that was taken whole evening..