Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Another beautiful autumn day in Stavanger. Coming home from work I realised that I should enjoy that somehow, but I am not one to take long walks or things like that, at least not by myself. Anywho. I decided that it was way to long ago since I did some watercolour painting, and that this splendid activity would be something that could take place on my balcony. Watercolour is not a media that I master, unfortunately, but I have many inspiring friends that occupy themselves with this. I can't get any worse by training, and it was really nice - although a bit too cold - to sit in the bleak sun for an hour or so splashing around. The results are not worth showing here though.

I was thinking what the best music would be to accompany watercolour-painting? I just got to the conclusion that neither Metallica nor Elvis worked, but Nancy Sinatra and Air got pretty close. Any ideas?

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