Monday, 13 September 2010

Moody Monday

I still can't get rid of this low, unenergized feeling I have had for the last few days and to try to remedy that I took a small shopping tour after work, before meeting T at the gym. I made a quick stop at Fretex to see if they had any little item that could cheer me up. They did!
This little iron-birdie-book-support flew home with me...

...together with this tiny porcelain-bunny...
... and two swans on a jewellery-box. It's all rosy-red inside!

If you have not noticed yet, I really like animals. I can't have a pet in this apartement, so I just have to surround myself with alternatives. It's not good enough, but I try to endure.

Now I'm going to eat tortellini with A and then we're off to the monthly Unicef-quiz.

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