Monday, 20 September 2010


This has been a very good weekend. Yesterday morning we took a flight to Oslo, the capital capital of this our second home country. We left a rainy Stavanger behind and got to the big city which had a much nicer feeling of sunny, chilly autumn.  We checked into our hotel -  hotell Bristol - which was very nice in a classic way. It is situated just a minute from Karl Johann.
A cup of ice coffe and a biscotti is a nice way to start a day of shopping and exploration
 After a few hours of shopping (I bought three dresses and a skirt...) we ended up at the wonderful diner-like restaurant Dakota on Olaf Reyes Plass. I had got the idea of going there from another blog - can't remember which one just now - but it was a really good advise. The burgers tasted delicious, they played good music - Beach Boys, Elvis and Edit Piaff - and the service was good.
After dinner we went to the Concert Hall for the real reason we were going to Oslo this time -  John Cleese! It was a show where he mostly  talked about his life, his career, his mother.... He really is very funny... I especially loved when he talked about Monty Python. I have no pictures of this, I was not allowed to take any - and I am a very law abiding person...
However. After the show we ended the night with a drink in the fancy hotel bar.
On sunday morning we had a huge breakfast at the hotel buffet... The breakfast is my main focus when I choose a hotel by the way, I could definitely come back here!
We had to go to the airport quite soon after checking out, that was a bit sad since the weather was beautiful, but all in all, we had a really nice trip!
And I came home not only with some new clothes - this little guy wanted to move to Stavanger as well, and I was very happy to oblige.

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