Wednesday, 29 September 2010

what I have done today instead of ironing clothes

1. Home improvement, sort-of.  I had some material (white flower-grid-thingy and a bit of cardboard of a convenient size) that I did not know what do do with, and I really needed to hide the miss-coloured, boring white wall behind the computer screen with something. Add some clothes-pins and wrapping paper - and voil√†! Definitely not my best DIY, but slightly better than nothing...

2. Writing letters. I decided that some of my water-colour creations could travel the world and visit some of my nice pen-palls.

3. New music. One of the best things with reading blogs it that they can be so inspiring when it comes to music, film and books. Today I discovered Allo Darlin'. After listening to some of the songs I can truely say that some of them will be added to my "best right now"-play list on the iPod. How can you not like songs with names like "If Loneliness was Art" and "The Polaroid Song"? And I especially like Kiss Your Lips for the simple reason that they have stolen a couple of phrases from one of my old favourite songs as a teenager: El Scorcho by Weezer.

4. Dinner in front of Skype. Talking to A in a hotel-room in London. Miss you! Tortellini, tomatoes and parmesan.

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