Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stavanger Saturday

Since my bestest friend in the world L has her birthday this week I needed to do some shopping yesterday. Stores and shops are not open on Sundays here in Stavanger so it's Saturday-shopping or no shopping at all. While I was in town I also browsed a bit through one of the secondhand-stores but I did not find anything. Maybe I should buy myself a real Norwegian "lusekofta"? They are quite expensive when they're new...
Should I?
Big boats in the harbour. Or "ships" maybe?
The colourful street. Nice raincoats in that store.
When darkness came and I was thinking about what to do in the evening I got an invite for a pre-party - "vorspiel" at J's house. So I put on my new black dress with polka dots and walked over to Storhaug. While walking I listen to among other things this song and a little bit of Daft Punk to get in the right mood. This video is one of my absolute favourites ever, by the way.

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