Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday Review

Hullo there!

Just stepped inside after a very windy walk over the bridge. Could literary feel myself being pushed forward a couple of meters at times. Still a nice walk though, I like the bridge.

Anyway. Tonight I've had Dinner and Movie-night with E. I have two thumbs up and a bit of a frown to report.

:-) Wonderful dinner at cosy vegan restaurant Resept, I had a casserole with mushrooms, spelt, potatoes and other goodies and a crispy bread with fried beetroot. Yum!

:-( Before the movie we decided to have coffee and cake at Kulturkaféet. I'm deeply disappointed with the totally tasteless cheese cake. No flavour at all. None!

:-) My favourite tonight was the movie - we saw "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and I loved it. But no surprise there - me liking comic-based movies is quite a safe bet. I very rarely laugh out loud in a movie-theatre but now I did. Pretty and funny, I'll probably buy the DVD. And dye my hair blue.


  1. I have been waiting to see this, looks really good! But now that it have your thumbs up I will def go!

  2. please do! I actually laughed out loud more than once. So sweet. And pretty fights.