Saturday, 9 October 2010

recipe for a nice day

I decided sleeping in was a good thing to do after this very long week. And so I did. But then I woke up and saw that the sun was shining. I took a nice walk over the bridge into town and met E and Y for an extremely tasty brunch at Resept. This vegan restaurant has become one of my favourites here in Stavanger - yesterday I tried their brilliant smoothie with blueberry, banana and dates. Yum. Today I tried a dish called Cool Cat (yes - the name had me hooked before I had read what was in it) and it included among other things sweet potatoes, a mousse made of black beans and toasted parsnips. And home-made spicy ketchup.Yum-yum.

Stavanger isn't really such a rainy place as everybody says. At least it isn't rainier than Göteborg. So we could sit outside at Resept and bask in the sun. And they played Edit Piaf in the background. Very nice - it felt like spring in Paris!

Tonight I'm going to a party so now I'm going to try to pick out an outfit, chill some wine and put some really loud music on to get in the right mood. 

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