Sunday, 31 October 2010

welcome to my town

So, a lot to do at work and not so much energy to post on the blog. I'll get better, promise!

This weekend me and A have had visitors from Sweden, C and J. It can be a bit of a challenge to try to find fun things to do in Stavanger in the fall/winter, but we've had a couple of very nice days.

hot chocolate at Sjoklade Piken
Alfapet. Scrabble.
evening walk
evening walk
home made burgers
playing cards

more walks...
I have now started to really miss my other lens to the camera. While the 50mm one is very nice, the other one is really more versatile. It has now been at the camera-store for repair for over two weeks and I have not heard any news, so I'm  hoping for some this week. The things will start to look a bit different on the blog. The lens have been broken since before I stared writing here!

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