Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Windy outfit-post

The windows in our apartment are aparently not that well sealed, since I can hear the loud whining of the wind outside very clearly. We live close to a small marina and when the wind blows the masts of the sailing-boats whistle and howl. It's an amazing sound, nice to fall asleep to, slightly spooky to wake up to in the night. This is what the island looks like today:

Oh, and I have been thinking about this with Todays Outfit Posts. I read many blogs that have those kind of post and I thoroughly enjoy them. However am I a bit too shy to make them myself just yet - but today i just want to share with you one of my favoutir autumn-colur-mixes: mustard yellow - new oversized cardigan from Monki (as if you could not see that!) - and and light grey pants. Paired with leather boots from H&M. I took this picture to illustrate how the wind almost blew me of my feet! The wind itself was not very photogenic, apparently.

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