Monday, 15 November 2010


Hooray! I have now reached 1.000 hits on my blog! I never thought it would happen this fast. And I am particularly happy that so many of the hits are from people in other countries than Norway or Sweden, which means that they must be made by people who I don't know from before. Since starting this blog has the double purpose of partly function as a tool to keep in touch with old friends and partly to find new ones all visits to my blog makes me really thrilled! But it does also make me very curious of who you are? Why not leave a comment and say hi?

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  1. Kristine Hanasand16 November 2010 at 19:01

    Hei! Gratulerer med 1000 treff! Kan godt forstå du er nysgjerrig på hvem folka er, spennende :D
    Alltid kjekt å lese hva du driver med, får jo ikke tid å treffe deg, så... Men om to uker er det juleferie!!
    Hjertelig hilsen fast leser:)