Sunday, 28 November 2010


Winter really just crept up on me this year. And Christmas certainly have! Well, OK, it's not even December, but I have not heard a single Christmas-song yet! Yesterday I took the first step towards getting into the spirit together with E, first by doing a bit of shopping and then making Christmas-candy at her and B's place. E is a real wiz in the kitchen, so I got really inspired and will probably try some of the goodies by myself. My pictures of the event did not turn out so good, but I bet I can get her to send some over of the finished result...

This is another thing I did yesterday - finally I have some hyacinths and amaryllis to make the apartment look and smell more Christmas-y. I'm looking forward to a lazy Sunday and the most serious thing I'll do is to find good places for these little green guys to live and grow.

I really also should start thinking about Christmas-gifts though...

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