Wednesday, 17 November 2010

DIY: decou-pages

It's been I while since I posted any DIY-projects on the blog. Well, here is the reason: this project has been sitting on the living-room floor just waiting for me to finish it and due to my lack of energy it's been postponed. Tonight I finished it while watching the latest episode of  "Bones".

This is an old IKEA mini-chest of drawers, really boring but of good size for storage of envelopes, sunglasses and miscellaneous objects that has no other obvious home. I've planed to do something with the untreated wood since I bought it, but, you know - these things need some thinking about. And then I decided that some decoupage-ing would be the right move. A couple of torn sides from two Norwegian books I got for free at an antiquarian bookshop later - and voilà!

This is where my favourite accessories live, like the butterfly necklace.
Up close. I kept the original knobs, even though they're not the coolest ever.
I simply splashed decoupage-glue on the pages ( leftovers from another DIY) and the fronts and top of the drawers and placed the paper in a random order. Then I painted the sides of the drawers white. This was as usual made without any planning or serious pre-work like under-coats or covering of the framework, but it ended up OK. If you don't look to close at certain places.

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