Sunday, 7 November 2010

happy eyes

One of my favourite feelings is when I have "discovered" a new band, author, director or artist that I know will fit perfectly in to my life and taste. It can be the feeling of realising that the same director is responsible for several films I love and knowing that there are more where that came from, or finding a completely new style of music and realising that it makes me want to dance. It's not like I'm always actively searching, I'm actually quite set in my ways and lazy when it comes to find new influences. This time my new discovery came when I was browsing through a shop in Stavanger that I never been in to. My friend M wanted to take a look and thanks to her I found two of my new favourite illustrators! Martine Roch and Nicolleta Ceccoli both makes amazing images that I can hardly take my eyes of. Both are so amazingly imaginative, sweet and slightly disturbing at the same time, even though their styles are quite diferent. From my little shopping tour I just returned with two note books, but there will probably come some larger additions on the walls in the apartment as soon as I can decide what print I want the most. Very difficult choice.

Martine to the right and Nicoletta to the left

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