Sunday, 7 November 2010

long time no see

I've had a really, really nice weekend with my three friends H, E and M visiting from Sweden. Moving to a new place results in many good things, like meeting new interesting people. But it obviously also means that you leave some things - and most importantly people - behind. I've lived in Stavanger for over a year now and I have found many new great friends, but sometimes it's just so nice to hang out with people you have known for ages. And it's fun to try to look at the new home-town through other eyes! This is a summary of what we have done:
The girls brought 1,5 kilograms of Swedish candy... mmmmm
Day 1. Walking to the city centre. Stavanger looks like such a one-horse-town!
We did a bit of shopping. I found a new friend. And a top with a huge pink bow on. Might show it sometime.

Old Stavanger. A tourist must-see. Very picturesque and pretty.
Indian food at Dehli for dinner. I highly recommend no 41. Yum!
Day 2: "hiking"
Yep. It's pretty. And it didn't rain.
picnic in a tiny harbour. I'm drinking "hylleblomst" (elderberries) -lemonade. My favourite.
A night of "Carcasonne" and sticky-cake is a good way to end a wonderful weekend.
Another great thing that happened this weekend was that I got my other camera-lens back from the shop! Yey!

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  1. Tack tack för en superb helg med massor av "jentekos"! Puss!