Tuesday, 9 November 2010

separation anxiety

As I have shared with you before I am slightly obsessed with audio-books. And the last few months I've been hooked on an urban fantasy series (that I can write about in detail some other time). The problem now is that I'm about to start on the last book... I feel a kind of sadness and anxiety, what shall I do? Do I wait and savour the fact that I have yet one more? Or do I just plunge in to it, get it over with? This always happens when I have become fond of a book series. I miss the characters and that other world. The real world just doesn't seem as magical as I want it to be. I should have a plan what to read when this one is over. Any ideas?

I mostly read (or listen to) fantasy books and I tend to go for series that have many parts. When I've found something I like I want it to continue forever. I emerge myself in that particular universe and can forget everything else for a while - the best reason to read there is! I sometimes read other kinds of fiction - some of the classics like Bram Storkers Dracula and  Alice in Wonderland, I love Douglas Adams' kind of si-fi and when I grew up I was all about ghost stories. I recently revisited that fascination by reading H.P Lovecraft.

At least I know there will come another book in my beloved series - but that's not until next April! Luckily I'm not at all alien to the concept of re-reading books. As a kid I read C S Lewis "The Horse and His Boy" about 10 times, and I think I've read "the Hitch-hikers Guide.." three times or more. Many people can't understand this, but it's just such a nice thing to revisit something you like. So I'll probably start re-listen to this particular series that I "read" now starting next year so I have them fresh for the new one in April... Probably sooner if I don't find any substitute.

And finally, I know some people does not think as highly of audio-books as I do. It's for people to lazy or stupid to read for themselves, or something like that. Well, let me just explain to you that before I discovered how easily I could buy books for my iPod I tried on several occasions to read an actual book while walking to work and it was not very practical. Or safe. Listen is a completely different thing, and I can clean, shop, exercise on the same time. Sådetså.


  1. Jag gick faktiskt runt och läste en bok jag köpte på röda korset idag ända från affären och hem, sisådär tre kilometer ändå. Ganska så farligt men fint ändå. Jag brukar också lyssna på ljudböcker en massa särskilt när jag tecknar så är det alldeles förträffligt bra.
    Jag tycker du borde läsa den Mörka materian trilogin av Philip Pullman. Egentligen är den väl skapt för lite yngre åldrar men jag tycker den funkar minst lika bra för äldre.
    Självfallet är Den Lille Prinsen ett måste för varevigaste mänska på denna planet att läsa men den har då nog redan läst.

  2. Hörde faktiskt talas om Den Mörka Materian genom en annan blogg nyligen, så nu blir det nog den som blir nästa, lutar det åt. Vet inget om den, men flera verkar gilla den. Och yngre eller äldre åldrar, who cares.
    Och Lille Prinsen - så fin, verkligen.