Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hello gravy boat - Skepp ohoj!

Pretty, isn't she? Just a tiny flaw, not vissble in this photo, but I did not have a single gravy boat in my kitchen until now- not even a little gig. Oh, and I'm being very funny and pun-y and bilingual here - the Swedish word for gravy-boat is "såssnipa" where sås is gravy and snipa is a kind of boat, and the transaltion for that boat-kind is gig. OK. And there my geeky over-explanation is over. I love the ocean blue of this item though. Very appropriate.

Except for my new kitchen utensil the apartment is pretty uninspiring and messy today. I did start with the whole Christmas-decorations-thing, but I haven't finished it. So it's just a bunch of stuff laying around and being in the way so far. I'm going away on a trip with my job this weekend - to a secret location! scary! - so there will not be any more prettifying until Monday. If I'm up for it. Now I'm off to curl up in the sofa and eat candy.

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