Friday, 10 December 2010

on fire

My highly concentraded online-search for christmas gifts was just desturbed by two smoking (in the literary sense of the word) young ladies that rang my doorbell and wanted to know if I had any fire-wood. Apparently there's a party next door - they seemed to be in a very good mood and they had very pretty dresses. I had to disapoint them and admit that our apartment doesn't have a fireplace. Now I feel a bit sour. Because the apartment still smell of cigarette smoke, you ask, or because you now know that you have to be worried that you might wake up to fire-alarms, maybe? Or might it be because you're sitting in front of your computer in a boring t-shirt with a chocolate-stain on and the only dancing you'll be doing all night is to the music in you headphones in front of the computer? Hmm.
This is what I'm sit-dancing to right now by the way.

Well. I'm going to a theme-party tomorrow and too much fun in one single weekend isn't good for you - it'll be diluted.

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