Saturday, 4 December 2010

review times two

Hello dear readers! Today I'm going to provide a very important costumer-service and give you two reviews of some interesting products.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale vs. CocaCola Vanilla

Well. The ginger ale tasted mostly sweet and annoying. Can't see what's so Canada about it. So it was an easy win for the Cola - I think it benefited from the touch of vanilla, a slightly more exotic but still familiar taste. In a way.

Mio, min Mio - The film

I'm not sure, is this the same version I saw on TV as a kid? This is dubbed from English to Swedish, and with Norwegian subtitles (the subtitles by my own choise, though).

Jum-Jum is played by a young Christian Bale. And Kato is played by Christopher Lee. Not their best performances, I'm afraid.

Did you know that the Mio, min Mios-song (all Swedish kids knows it) is written by Abba-Björn and Abba-Benny?

OK, so now I have checked. There is only one version. It was a Soviet-Swedish-Norwegian-British production from 1987. And it's not very good... It was better in my mind. Is this a warning not to re-visit childhood favourites?

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