Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I now I always come back to this issue when talking about our apartment, but again: it's a rental, and I am not allowed to paint the walls. Now, that has not really been a huge issue in most of the rooms (even if I probably would have repainted twice already if i could) all the walls are white, so it's ok. Except for the bathroom. Which have my least favourite colour of all times, namely peach. It's impossible to match with anything nice and even though it gives a warm feeling it just appears so very dated. Anyhow. Now I think I have found the prefect items to bring a well needed sense of glamour and exoticness into this the realm of hygiene. Introducing the Gold-animals.

Both rescued from the impound (second-hand store Fretex). Welcome!


  1. Ja, den är ju också jättefin! :)

  2. Tack, trivs bra med både gnagaren och vovven, har dessutom införskaffat två små igelkottar som håller tandborstarna sällskap. I "guld" såklart.