Monday, 10 January 2011


this blog-post could be about craftyness - if that's how you read the header. But no, this blog-post is about my hand. The right one to be precise. It's behaving weirdly. Not that it's picking up stuff and throwing at people without my permission - it just hurts. And tingles. I thing it is because I work to much at the computer, and maybe I sit in the wrong position. So now I try to work with my left hand as much as possible, but that's very awkward. I wish I were ambidextrous. Anyone have any good ideas on how tired wrists can get better?

I've now put bandages on my poor little hand so I will remeber not to use it so much, and it's resting peacefully in my lap. At least I have a pretty dress with polka dots. Dots always cheer me up!
And now I'm off to the Quiz.

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