Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year - thank you for the old one

After a rather hectic Christmas - going to Sweden, visiting three different cities in 6 days and then back to Stavanger again for work - it was really nice to only have a dinner for two planned for new years eve. No stress about finding the right dress, not having to run around in the snow/rain on high heals, only some cosy cooking-stress. This is our New-Years-menu for 2010!

Starter: soup made of Jerusalem artichoke, with an apple compote and crispy parma ham. And thyme. 

Main course: beef roulades with bacon, mushroom and red whine sauce and potato-noisettes.

Dessert: vanilla and lemon pannacotta with pomegranate.

When the time of 2010 started to run out so did we. To the bridge. We had a 360 degree view and there were fireworks in all directions. And we drank champagne. Veuve Clicquot. It's good.

My plan for this the first day of 2011 is to spend as much of it as possible in bed watching films and eating the leftovers from yesterday. I will leave all necessary preparations for the new year until tomorrow.

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