Tuesday, 25 January 2011

high polished

Yesterday there was a big box in my mailbox. Nail-polishes! Since I have decided to throw away my ancient collection of said liquid I thought it would be a good idea to get some more up-to-date ones instead. I bought them from online-store elf. This time the shipping was for free and I so fell for that trick.

I like nail-polish for two reasons. Number one: the names. I mean, how can you not feel a little bit better about life in general when you go around with "Metal Madness" (up front) or "Desert Haze" (left) on your fingertips? Number two: the smell. Well. It brings me back to being about thirteen, with nails bitten down to the flesh, sitting and painting layer after layer until I had a coat of polish half a centimetre thick on each nail. I used to paint patterns and flowers, and sometimes the nail-polish actually kept me from biting my nails for a week or so. Good stuff!

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