Monday, 31 January 2011

Holland Day 1: hug-a-cow-day

Sometimes Stavanger can feel like a very small city. Because it is. At those times it's good to have friends in other cities, in other countries. And it's even better when these friends celebrates their birthdays and thinks it would be a good idea if you would come visit them. So that's why me and A went to Groningen (in Holland) to visit our friend J this weekend.
 It was really really early when we left Stavanger, so it was still morning when we took the train from Shiphol to Groningen.

When we arrived in Groningen we met up with J and five of his Norwegian friends at a coffee shop. Me and A needed some energy after the long trip so we ordered American breakfast. Nom nom.

J had big and very secret plans for our day in Groningen, but first we got to enjoy the view from his apartment. Niiiice.

Then it was time to leave Groningen to go out in the countryside. We all wondered what kind of activity J had planned for us city-kids out here in this very flat place.

And the suddenly whe stopped. Outside a farm.... hmmm

We soon found out that this farm offered an experience quite far away from everyday life of the modern human being. Cow-hugging. It's apparently scientifically established that hugging a cow will make you feel calm and harmonic. It has something to do with the fact that the cows have slower heart-rates than humans.

Apparently the cows really likes to be hugged and milk better if they are cuddled with. And since I like milk and cows (I like all animals with 2-4 legs) I naturally approved of this concept.

This is me, saying hello to a cow. I'm wearing the latest in farmer-fasion, royal blue overalls matched with Wellington boots in a moss-green nuance. I also got to bottle-feed a one week old calf. That was cosy. But it was a bit scary walking around in the barn with all these huge animals just jogging around freely. 

After an hour in the slightly smelly house of cows we played "farmers golf" in a field. Fresh air was needed, and after a while out there we also needed hot chocolate and cheese. Which we got. Perfect.

It got late and even colder and we hesitatingly decided to turn back to civilisation. Maybe farming could be a career to consider?

 We spent the evening celebrating J's birthday and sharing our fond memories of the days experiences. When the evening turned into night sleepiness caught up with me, and I talked A into going back to the place where we were staying.  Biking home through Groningen in the middle of the night was really refreshing and felt very Dutch.


  1. Do you by any chance know the name of this place? or a website that they might have?

  2. Sorry, no! I was taken here as a surprise kind of thing, so I didn't really have any information. It was about an hours drive from Groningen, and I think they called it "Cow therapy" if that is any help...