Sunday, 2 January 2011


OK. So it's that time of the year. New-Years-Resolution-time. You never keep them, yet you get back to thinking each year that this time, this year I'll succeed. And why not. I am a firm believer in new beginnings. I'm the one to say "on Monday I'll start my new healthy life" and live on chocolate the whole weekend. And give up on Wednesday. By now A always smiles knowingly when I come with these statements... Anyway. think the trick is not to put anything really strenuous in there, like "stop eating candy", "exercise 4 time a week" or "stop buying eye-wear". There should be fun things in the resolutions, stuff to look forward to. So. These are my NY-resolutions for 2011:

eat tasty breakfast every day
paint more
plan more fun stuff with friends
make more friends to do fun stuff with
buy a split-leaf philodendron-plant
make the blog prettier

See, that was not so hard. OK, so of course I'll also try to exercise more, eat better food and be more concious about my consumption, but the new year should not be about restrictions - it should be about opportunities. Here's to an optimistic outlook on 2011!

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