Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Tuesday and a grey one at that. So instead of going to the gym as planned I bought a bow. I don't know where to put it yet, the landlord does not aporove of us making holes in the walls, so until I find a suitable existing one or grow some backbone I'll just let it be. For 10 NOK I can wait for the perfect spot to come to my mind. And since there are so few fun second-hand shops here in Stavanger (I have said this before, sorry for the complaining) I just can't let the little fun stuff I find once in a while be.

bow-hook, made of brass?
This is what I wore today. Clothes with animals on are always a favourite so on a slightly gloomy day like this I figured a skirt with birds on would do the trick. A bit of powdery-pink to remind me of spring and then a thrifted blouse that reminds me of an school teacher I had in 3th grade and, yes, that was pretty much it.

cardigan and skirt - H&M, blouse - thrifted

I was apparently a bit angry and shy today if I read my body language correctly. Well.

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