Friday, 18 February 2011

DIY: magazine file

To find out what the word for this thing was in English I just surfed in to IKEAs homepage, Canadian version. Good stuff. I really had never heard the description "magazine file" before, totally new for me. Anyway, that's what I have pimped this time.
In a magazines' point of view I did it in a very macabre way by first tearing a couple of old magazines to shreds. Hey, I can be real aggressive when I need to be. Here's the full process, even though it might be a little bit overly explanatory for such a simple thing. (It's not that I think anyone here is stupid, I just like words.)
  • Step one: Buy boring cardboard magazine files on Claes Ohlson. 

  • Step two: find some old magazines and tear out pieces of the nicest pictures, not too carefully.
  • Step three: sort the pieces by colour

  • Step four: glue the paper on the box with decoupage-glue, colour-coordinated. Leave to dry.

  • Finished. Place in suitable location and revel in the joyous activity of organising


  1. Love them! Cant believe you managed to match all the colors so well :)