Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Holland Day 2: houses and Amsterdam

The second day of our weekend in Holland we woke up in A & J's house. This kind couple had let us live in their fabulous home while they were on a ski-trip and that was just super - even though it would have been even better if we could have spend some time with them too. They also let us use their bikes, so after getting ready we tooke them out for a ride in the morning fog.

There were not a lot of people out so early on a Sunday morning, but we found a really cosy café to have our breakfast in. A ordered bread with brie, honey and walnuts. I had a croissant and dish-envy.

I really like Groningen and could see myself living here. Especially since the dutch architects are really good at producing cool housing-projects.

After breakfast we said good bye to Groningen and took the train to Amsterdam. We didn't have that much time to explore so we decided that we'd just walk around and see as much as we could. It was pretty cold so we ended up inside a couple of shops along the way. Some shopping was done, but nothing excessive.

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