Saturday, 19 February 2011

interior inspiration

The apartment that inspires me the most right now belongs to M & S. And since M is my brother I feel hopeful that good taste runs in the family and that I maybe have some of it too. The apartment is from the 50s and has all of the basics right - stone window sills, parquet flooring in a herringbone pattern, and a layout that consist of rooms of good sizes, not to big. And it has a separate kitchen, not open plan, and I like that. Here are some pictures from this well composed dwelling north of Stockholm:

living room
guest room
What I like about how M & S have decorated the place is the use of colours and patterns - there's a lot of them, but well combined and never too much. And they have amazing art, placed at the right place.

And the more green plants the better.
I should have taken more pictures, but I forgot.

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