Friday, 25 February 2011


Today I really, really miss my cat, who lives back in Sweden. It seems like everyone has a little fur-ball of their own to cuddle with, wherever I go, and I'm not allowed to have one in this apartment. Besides, I want my cat, not just any cat.

The last time I saw him, over Christmas, he had been hurt in a fight and had to have suregry on his face. It was horrible to see him like that, I almost fainted in the veterinarians office and could not stay in the room when he cut in him. Now he's fine again, but not here.


  1. ja, trist å sakna misse! :-( hälsade på min idag i lerum.. han var lite förnärmad för att hunden kommit hem efter 6 veckors frånvaro.. /emma m

  2. tricky business det dära. Och jag saknar dig också, för övrigt!