Monday, 7 February 2011

my dream job?

I had a very interesting dream tonight. I dreamt that I'd got an intern-ship with a guy who was digging up cable for some huge building project. He was an older guy with white hair and a big smile and he showed me around this big field covered with bright green grass, turned into mud at some places where he had driven his noisy machine. Anyway. He wanted me to dig a hole in the mud to find the cable that he wanted to pull up from the ground. So I did. I apparently have mad skills with a shovel, by the way. And here's where the dream turn into a thrifters wet-dream. I dug right into an old camping wagon from the 70s! And I found a box filled with two (probably fully functional) cameras - a Hasselblad and a Nikon. Plus some old clothes I did not have the time to search trough. And Drutten och Gena-dolls. Guess if I was bitter when I woke up...

Photo of a photo. Print by lovely Jessica Silversaga in my window. Like a dream. But this photo is better in real life

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