Tuesday, 1 February 2011

my favourite thrifted item

The last few days I have read blog posts at two of my favourites blogs about amazing thrifted items. Both Clara and Daniel have found some in my opinion highly enviable treasures, but instead of being begrudging and keep whining about the poor supply of flea markets and garage sales in Stavanger I thought I should show you one of my own treasures. Well, it's actually 5 things - 4 chairs and a table. I found them in the furniture department (the cellar) of the local Fretex-shop here in Stavanger for 1000 NOK (ca $175) and got a nice man to drive it to our place, since we don't have a car.

I don't have a really good picture from the "dining-room" so this is just a detail, but it's the best one - the seat and back of the chairs are covered with galon (?) in a light beige nuance, and the backs also has this simple and decorative pattern. I got it in very good condition - only a few small scratches on the table, and I have not had to do anything with it. The wood has a warm tone and the design is simple, clean and slightly rounded. I think it's produced in Norway, maybe in the 60s  - but I guess it can be a later production as well. That doesn't really matter, I adore this little group.

took a better picture

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