Saturday, 19 February 2011


is it possible, can it soon be here?

Today I woke up and saw warm, yellow sunshine filter in through the blinds. Good start of the day! Soon I got a bit restless since I don't really know what to do with a beautiful day like this. A was busy and I got bored. So I took the bus in to the city centre and did some shopping.

black skirt from Oasis, sunglasses and wrist warmers  from Lindex, dress with birds on from Vila, and a pansy-cardigan from H&M
I found some really nice stuff- softer colours and patterns that will work nicely for spring, but shopping was still not really how I wanted to spend the first day with spring-feeling in the air. When A came to join me my mood took a turn for the better and we sat at a coffee-shop looking at people for an hour. Very nice.

Tonight we're meeting some friends for dinner, until then I'm going to re-furnish and spring-clean our home-office!

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