Tuesday, 15 February 2011

a weekend in Stockholm

This weekend I went to Stockholm to hang out with M & S, and to get inspired by the Stockholm Furniture Fair. After a way too long trip (flight delays in Oslo due to snow chaos in Stockholm) I arrived at my destination on Friday night. After a freezing walk trough Söder me and M met up with S at a small club with many types of wallpaper, where we had colourful drinks and danced the cold away.

On Saturday we went to the Furniture Fair. Very inspiring, I definitely found some cool stuff to have in mind in future projects. Not many pictures though,  the exhibitors will unfortunately have to do their own advertising. We ended the day with home-made salmon lasagne - awesome! - and Melodifestivalen - disappointing! - and it was all in all a very good day.

Sunday began whit a long walk from Bromma to the city centre. I did some shopping, and we had lunch at Japanese restaurant Wagamama. To balance all of this this exercise and consumption we decided to visit Nordiska Museet. The exhibitions "Modets Makt" (the power of fashion) and Män i Baddräkt (men in swimsuits) can be recommended!

After this eventful and cosy weekend I only regret that I don't like flying, otherwise I'd go back sooner. Now I'm just going to wait a while, maybe until the trees are green.

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