Tuesday, 1 March 2011

dental decoration

No, I have not acquired a tooth-piercing, I just thought I was being clever with that title. But I have been at the dentist. And I have cleaned the bathroom. And what those two activities have in common I will now explain. So. My dentist told me that I was on the way of getting a cavity (big surprise there - I eat candy or cookies almost everyday ) and she suggested that I start using one of those fluor mouth-wash-thingys so that it wouldn't get worse. She also told me that I should use dental floss more often (yes I lied and said I use it sometimes, but doesn't everybody lie about that? ) and then she punished me for not taking care of my teeth good enough by cleaning them in a very painful way (maybe she suspected that I had lied to her). Scared into submission as I was I immediately bought the fluor-stuff she recommended and dug out the floss from the bathroom cabinet. And here is where the cleaning of the bathroom becomes a subject. The reason I always forget to use floss is that there is no natural and visible place for it in close to the sink. The toothbrush and paste have their own home (of course I brush my teeth, twice everyday thank you very much, I'm no savage! ) but the floss ends up sad and alone behind some wads of cotton and old make up. But no more! I present to you: the dental-hygiene-bar!


The flour mouth-rinse was poured into a glass bottle to get rid of the ugly plastic flask it came in. Actually I have stolen that idea from a blog somewhere but I don't remember where. It might be Chez Larsson. She has many clever ideas on home-storage.Two shot glasses complete the set, and gives a handy place for the floss-sticks. All glass-wares bought at Söstrene Grene.

OK, so that was a lot of talk for a very small reason, but I guess that's what blog are al about. The moral of the story is that you should brush your teeth, obviously. And keep your bathroom clean and organised. Oh, and I also found a new and perfect place to keep my glasses safe during the night. I knew those guys would come in handy sooner or later.

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