Monday, 28 March 2011

Dressing up

A couple of weeks ago I ordered two seriously sweet dresses from Ruche. This Friday I got a letter saying they were now waiting for me at the post office - but the post office had allready closed once I got there. Upsetting as that was then, today I'm glad I had something to look forward to all day! The two newcomers will be great additions to my spring-wardrobe, I just need to find the right accessories (warm cardigans and thick tights) to be able to start using them soon.

lace. pretty
beads. pretty


  1. Åh så fina klänningar! :)

  2. Den blå är nästan så fin att man kan bli kär!

  3. ja, lite kär är jag. Men jag har inte använt den än, väntar till en perfekt vårdag.