Saturday, 5 March 2011

Foggy Friday night

My friend E apparently has decided that she needs some variation from the big city life and warm sunny weather that Stavanger has to offer and is now going to spend some time working in Siberia.Yes. I said Siberia. Well. Since were not going to see her until June, and we're all going to miss her, E and group of her friends (including me obviously) went out for dinner yesterday to say goodbye-for-now. And that was lucky indeed because now I think I have found a new favourite restaurant in Stavanger! I'm talking about Phileas Fogg. I've actually thought about eating there before, but that time there was so much loud people in there so the atmosphere wasn't really all that inviting. This time, our big group had got a room in the back almost for our selves, and it was great. I loved the interior - lots of old clocks and new-paper clippings on the walls, pretty patterns on the many different kinds of wall-paper and warm soft lighting. Cosy. And the food was delicious! I'm sure I picked the best things from the menu, so I managed the whole night without any dish-envy.

none of these were actually working. Very confusing

Starter: scallops and vegetable purée. Extremely tasty!

pretty green lamps over old portraits. Stylish.

Main course: Rains deer with thyme-potatoes, creamy sauce and blueberry coulis. Scandinavian and awesome.

Exciting mix with a gentleman in a golden frame and a Pharaoh in a apse

Dessert: Chocolate fondant and vanilla ice-cream. And some very happy taste-buds.

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