Saturday, 5 March 2011

in the end...

Cardigan and blouse from Zara, skirt from American Apparel, hair-thing from H&M
... I ended up not wearing the giant hair-thing. I guess today wasn't the day to break out of my comfort zone after all.

Today I met my friend K for some shopping, and when we sat down for a cup of coffee I decided to try the Norweigan version of a semla (Shrovetide bun?) - the fastelavnsbolle. For you Swedes out there reading this post, the only difference is that they sometimes have jam in the bolle, and that there is no mandelmassa. Also the bun felt a bit more compact, but I'm not sure that this is a general quality of all fastelavnsboller.

After the fastelavnsbolle we ended up at one of the larger Fretex-shops (Salvation-army-shops) in Stavanger, where I have never been before, and I made some really nice bargains, but that for another post. Now the sun is shining and I'm on my way out to the balcony to do some spring cleaning.


  1. Takk for en fin liten utflukt:) Bollene skal ikke være kompakte, de skal være fløyelsmyke, det var bare vi som var på en mindre bra kafe.
    Nå er jeg tilbake inni filmens verden... Ha en fortsatt fin helg! :)

  2. Takk själv! Og takk for infoen angående bollen, myk skal det vare alltså. Filmens verden er vel en av de beste, så ha det fint der! Klem