Thursday, 3 March 2011

Norwegian food review

Today I have tried something for the first time and I thought I'd share it with the world.

This is a sandwich-spread, and I've seen my colleagues eat this at work, among a couple of other fishy alternatives, for example mackerel in tomato sauce. One should always try the local dishes at least once and since I've never had a good eye for mackerel (unless it's representing a soccer team, or is pan-fried) I decided that I'd try the salmon version, at least to begin with. Also - I was really attracted to the can. Pretty.

I had my evening meal in front of the computer (served on the blue and white Göteborg-tray my lovely friends H,E & M gave me as a farewell gift when I moved to Norway). And, well.... it smells like cat food, and it tastes like... it tastes quite OK actually, but it will not be a common resident of the fridge. I guess I prefer my fish fried. In comparison the other sandwich that i had for "dinner" - liver paté and pickled cucumber - tasted wonderful. And yes, that's chocolate milk and chocolate biscuits you see to the left. Strangely the salmon and the chocolate milk went pretty good together!

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