Monday, 14 March 2011

Snowy Saturday in Sauda

Here's a little update on what I did this weekend!

Living in Stavanger your're so lucky you can take the boat when you want to go skiing. Fjords rules! All you have to do is make a pretty early start of the day and then you can be off to some fairly good slopes. Oh, and you'll have to pay as well.

don't know these guys, I was just after the view.
After 2 hours on a boat there's a short bustrip to the skicenter in Sauda.

And the fun can begin! The day started with some menacing clouds and bad visibility. The mountains still look pretty though.

One of the best things with ski-trips is the packed lunch. The amazing A had stayed up late on Friday night to make pancakes. Awesome.

After a well deserved lunchberak we headed out to the slopes again. And there was sun!

Skiing is hard so at times you just have to take a break for a while. And maybe reload your energy with a Kvick Lunsj from the backpack.

And then ski some more.

On the way back I took this picture while waiting for the ferry to leave from the harbour.  Pretty, huh?

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