Tuesday, 22 March 2011

take a seat

Finally I've had the energy do do a tiny home-improvement project!
A couple of weeks ago I bought this little stool or foot rest from Fretex. The fabric on the seat was actually rather sweer, but it doesn't go with anything in the rest of the apartment. So it needed a make-over. (but naturally I saved the original fabric underneath the new one, don't worry.)

Oh dear, this cost 62 NOK when it was new!

I'm honestly not all that satisfied with my choice of "new" fabric, but I could not resist trying it out. I found this remnant in one of my drawers and it was the best I had at hand. It's an IKEA fabric I got from the bargain corner maybe five years ago. Anyway. I think it turned out OK, but I'll probable re-re-make it as soon as I find the perfect fabric. Or maybe I'll try printing/painting my own fabric for it.