Monday, 21 March 2011

weekend recap

I feel rested and peaceful after this weekend, and looking at my photos from these past few days I actually got quite a lot done! And here I was thinking all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep.

On Friday me and the Amazing A ate Indfian food (again) and went to the cinema. The food was great which was no huge surprise as I ordered the same thing as usual (Hello, my name is Creature of Habit).

Restaurant Delhi
pretty beer-bird

The film was not so wonderful though. We saw a thriller with Anthony Hopkins - The Rite. It was OK. I fell asleep. 

On Saturday I went skating with T and some of her other friends. It's been a while, but I only fell once and that one I blame on T. I took it quite easy and spend time with some very well organized penguins. Until they took me hostage. Too bad the light inside the arena did not work well for photos.

Magpie on ice

Other black and white birds

We continued the evening with "after-skate" at T's place,  with vegetarian lasagne and card-games in front of the fire. I had my new bird-dress on.

What is better than to hang out in front of the fire after an icy day?
even more birds
On Sunday me and A went for a walk on the islands where we live. I was looking for treasures but at first I was unlucky. Then I struck gold!

A pretty wall
Interesting dead things
My first crocus this year -  I found spring!


  1. Jag är glad att du överlevde pingvinattacken! Var riktigt oroad för dig ett tag där

  2. Oj, vad är de döda sakerna för nåt? Väldigt spännande, hoppas du tog hem dom.

  3. Krumelurpillret: ja det var lite av en pärs. Tur att jag har goda förhandlingsegenskaper.
    Karin: Du vet, sånt där dött man hittar vid stranden, musselskal, fiskben, foppatofflor osv. Fiskbenen fick stanna på stranden.