Saturday, 9 April 2011

all bottled up

I'v been tired since november so when I saw this bottle at the super market the other day I could not resist. OK, the pretty design of the label also helped in cathing my eye.

Now, as a service for you my dear readers (yes, all four of you) I'm going to give a thorough review of its taste.

At first I couldn't really distinguish any particular taste at all, it just tasted carbonated, fizzy. Which is not really a taste, but I think you know what I mean. I let the drink rest for a while and then I could actually start making out seperate tastes. I must admit I had already cheated by reading the list of contents... In the end I decided that it taste like carbonated apple juice, maybe cider, but more like the German apfelschorle - with the additional hint of carrot. By now the Intermezzo was kind of flat, and I had grown pretty tired of it (see - not energized!)so in the end it doesn't score very hight. 2/5. But the bottle was really pretty.

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