Saturday, 16 April 2011

A day at the funfair

This Saturday started out really slow. I love being able to sleep until I wake by myself and then feel that I don't really need to leave the bed. But who doesn't?
A and I decided that what was in the fridge was too boring for this day, and that brunch at Déja Vue sounded like a nice idea. So we went there. As a nice surprise we ran in to N, M and E who already sat there, so we joined their table. As always I ordered the Club Sandwich - which is heavenly. It has bacon, egg, potatoes, red pesto, lettuce and sometimes apple and other goodies in there. With a coffee and an orange juice I think I covered all the basic needs for one day.

After brunch I went to meet T and M down at the trainstation in Paradis, because a traveling funfair - Lunds Tivoli - had suddenly appeared there and we felt we needed to try it out.

The view of the fair, and my review of the rides
This ride was awful. And funny. I thought I was going to die, or at least faint. Or throw up. And I was laughing a lot.
M's feet and mine
I'm up-side-down
You could win things
T won chocolate. But she shared with us! Great girl that T
And I won a purple unicorn with special effects: if you squeeze on of the hoofs the horn lights up and it plays music!

After all of this I was freezing and my throat was sore from all the screaming and laughing. As it should be.
Now me and A are eating cheese and biscuits with red wine and dark chocolate. And we're watching a zombie movie. All in all, a very good day and a nice start of the vacation!

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