Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter to do-list

This is the last day of my 10-day Easter vacation, and of course I wish it was longer. But I'm happy we actually have done almost all of the fun things we planned for this holiday. Going to Bergen, going hiking, and going kayaking were the major plans, but I've also had the time to go to the Tivoli, make the balcony all pretty and green and we have watched almost a full season of House MD. Ergo: all in all a very good vacation! So what am I doing this last day of it? Well, today I'm actually trying to get all of the boring things that I had planned for this holiday done - all of the things that I have just postponed in favour of more fun things... Here's a list!
  • Prepare my tax return. Both Norwegian and Swedish
  • Order a new dry-suit for scuba-diving
  • Fix a  piece of skirting in the kitchen that has been loose since for ever
  • wash clothes and iron
  • sort out old shoes
  • Plant the lilly-bulb I bought a while back

  • unpack and clean all of the stuff from the camping tour, like the tent and sleeping bags. Uuh.
  • change from "winter wardrobe" to "summer wardrobe"
  • Change the broken hinges on one of the kitchen cabinets  (OK, A did that)

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